We specialise in non destructive safe opening, we will pick open your safe if you’ve lost your keys, recover a lost code on your combination lock and on rare occasions when needed we will precision drill to open your safe.

So whether you’re locked out or just need a service we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to help you out.


  • Need New locks fitted?
  •  Keys worn and in need of replacing
  • Want Time locks Fitted?
  • Want Electronic lock fitted.
  • Is the door difficult to open?
  • Or simply need to change your codes.

Servicing safes is a specialist job and we have over 40 years experience in this area, we work on a daily basis with safes and vaults all over the country, our clients range from banks and multi national chains to domestic customers, so whatever problem you are having with your safe you can be assured that we can help.If your safe is in need of a service we are the people to call.

eric vault door

Apart from servicing your safe we can also make alterations to it, improving the functionality and security around its usage, we can change key locks to code locks, we can change single access to dual control we can offer locks with programmable lock out periods, time delay locks, mechanical and digital time locks( independent of the primary locks), we can install lockable presses in the safe, we will work with you and advise you on how best to get what you want from your existing safe.


Above pic. shows a high grade safe using both high security key lock and a multi functional programmable electronic lock giving the client numerous options for access control.