Changing Locks Yourself

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How to change your locks yourself.

Changing/upgrading your cylinder lock isn’t anything complicated. It’s very simple and only requires a simple screwdriver. You won’t even have to take the handles off…

To measure the correct size, measure from the fixing screw to  the outside of the handles/escutcheon inside and outside, eg 40-50  or 30-40 , that’s your cylinder size. There should be no more than 5mm of the cylinder sticking out.

Simply remove the cylinder fixing screw, this will be on the leading edge of the door in line with the bottom of your cylinder, once that’s removed insert your key in the cylinder and turn the key right or left, gently pulling the cylinder towards you.




N.B. DO NOT attempt to proceed if you are unable to remove the fixing screw, do not have keys or a replacement cylinder that you are happy with.

Replacement cylinders,

  • A basic cylinder will start out at around €20, it is what it is and will lock your door, basically it does the job.
  • Next step up would be a security cylinder,  these have various security features built in,  most importantly anti-snap, Expect to pay from around €50 for these, in my opinion well worth the extra for the step up in quality and security,
  • Another level up again would be restricted key access, this allows control of keys by only allowing keys to be copied when accompanied but a security card, Ideal for rented/commercial use.

Call in and see our extensive range of cylinders and different options available to you, we’re happy to advise and recommend based on your requirements and answer any  question you may have.